Noavaran Baspar Company

Biggestmanufacturer of Black Masterbatch PE Pipes  (EX3) in Iran
Formula design and manufacturing different kinds of blackmasterbatches under the supervision of sophisticated university professors

 Manufacturer of White  PP Masterbatches, to use in(PP) pipes

Our History


NoavaranBaspar Eng. Co. founded in 1998 in the field of consulting and engineering services of Polymer Engineering.
NoavaranBaspar with dozens of projects in the field of consulting and engineering services with major corporations and manufacturer of pipes, films, sheets, masterbatches and engineering compounds.NoavaranBaspar Eng. Co. not only gained precious experience in these fields, but also transferred knowledge of Polymer Engineering to mentioned companies.

CEO : Dr. Mahmood Masoomi
Last Education: Ph.D. in Polymer Engineering (2004)
Faculty Member in Isfahan University of Technology , Department of Chemical Engineering
Academic rank: Associate Professor
Research Areas: Mixing and Compounding  of Polymer Materials, Polymer Rheology, Plastic Engineering, Polymer Nanocomposites, Chemical Modification of Polymers In the Melting Phase

Articles by Dr. Masoomi

Our Products

NoavaranBaspar s products are divided into three main groups:

-    The first group includes polymer compounds which known as NABYLENE brand. These compounds are designed and manufactured for specific applications according to the latest version of the relevant standards.

-    The second group known as NABEX brand includes all colored masterbatches (black and white) applicable in plastic piping and fitting industry, plastic sheets and films.

-    The third group known as  NABYLEX brand, includes polymer masterbatches containing additives such as optical and thermal stabilizers.
Since the quality and efficiency of the manufacturing machinery is one of the most important items in quality, efficiency and reproducibility of the final product, NoavaranBaspar utilizes the most advanced polymer compounding lines to manufacture products with unique features.
NoavaranBaspar Eng. Co. has tried to minimize the effect of operator possible errors on quality of final product  and reproducibility  by installing  the latest fully automatic loss in weight feeders equipment in production lines.

This group includes polymer compounds which are ready to use such as drip irrigation pipes, polymer compound coating of communications cables and …

This group includes black and white masterbatches with engineering properties using in production of pipes and fittings, plastic sheets and films

This group includes of special masterbatches with special additives such as light and thermal stabilizers. These masterbatches  are produced  by different polymer bases.

Fields of activity
 Design, production of different kinds of masterbatches and black & white polymer compoundsare the main fields of activities done in NoavaranBaspar Eng. Co.
Using the most advanced polymer compounding lines and polymer specialists, we are ready to meet your requirements in design and production of masterbatches and polymer compounds.

Technical Information

Research and Development
Our experienced R&D team consists of professional experts with Ph.D., Master of Science of polymer engineering and also chemistry and polymer B.S degrees, have been trying to achieve company’s main goals with focusing on innovation on top of them.
Due to close relationship between R&D department and university professors and Master students, access to resources, books and scientific papers in the field of polymer engineering science have been provided.

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Quality Control
Quality control department of NoavaranBaspar Eng. Co. provides the facilities to assess and quality test of raw materials and final products so it results to manufacturing final products with high reliability and meet customers’ requirements desirably.
Our QC department tries to monitor the quality of manufactured products completely by performing the necessary tests on each product according to the latest national and international standards.

Contact Informations

  • Phone: (+98 ) 31-45642595
       Phone:  (+98) 31-45643942-4
    Mob: (+98)902-5992702

  • Foreign Trade & sales :

  • No. 508, Fifth Booali St.,
    Mourchehkhort Industrial Estate
    Isfahan, Iran