Application in Production:
•     Drip irrigation pipe size 16 mm
•     Drip irrigation tape
•    Types of  black polymer films made of LDPE

•    Specifications:
PE base used in this masterbatch is completely compatible with LDPE and causes to black the parts without any drop in properties.
Size of carbon black particles plays an important role in the resistance of PEcompoundsagainst UV, so in themasterbatchB.PE.1920, carbon black with very good particle sizeis used to increase the resistance of final product againstsunlight.Additionallyenoughamount of thermal stabilizers have been added to prevent thermal degradation of the LDPE during production.
Additives to this masterbatch create an excellent rheological properties.

Storage Conditions:
Masterbatch bags must be kept away from sunlight and moisture. Since carbon black is hydrophilic, in order to maintain the quality of final products, it is recommended to use dryers. 

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