Application in Production:
pipes, sheets and polyethylene parts to increase their resistance againstUV radiation

Since Polyethylene is a weak polymer against sunlight, it’s recommended to use stabilizers against UV radiation. UV.PE.2062 contains various combinations of stabilizers against UV radiation with trade name of Tinuvin and by adding 4-5 % of this masterbatch to raw polyethylene, final concentration of 0.5% of anti-UV material can be obtained. Since homogeneity in mixing of masterbatch with raw polyethylene before it enters to extruder has a major impact on final efficiency of masterbatch, it’s recommended to use mixers with proper performance. As mentioned in very scientific texts, simultaneous use of several stabilizers has a synergistic effect, so in masterbatchUV.PE.2062, a combination of several stabilizers has been used.

Storage Conditions:
Masterbatch bags must be kept away from sunlight and moisture.

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