Pipes and parts of polyethylene to increase OIT and also their resistance against thermal degradation.


As polyethylene is a weak polymer against heat and mechanical stress, using thermal stabilizers increases polyethylene resistance against oxidation and high temperature. Masterbatch AO.PP.2072 contains stabilizers type 1 and 2 and acid scavenger which can enhance raw polyethylene OIT well. As homogeneity in mixing masterbatches with raw polyethylene before extrusion plays an important role on the final efficiency of the product,  it is recommended to use efficient mixers. It is  suggested in literatures that using a mix of thermal stabilizers simultaneously has a synergistic effect, so a mix of thermal stabilizers have been used in masterbatch AO.PP.2072. Another advantage of this masterbatch is high distribution mixing of stabilizers and their repeatability. 

Storage Condition:

Masterbatch  bags should be stored far from sunlight and humidity.

Usage Condition:

It is strongly recommended that the masterbatch mixed with recycle and virgin materials before extrusion, in order to observe its positivehomogeneity influence on total OIT of the product.

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